Wow, what a week!

By Steadiwear Inc.

June 23, 2021

Well, I had a new Essential Tremor experience this past week. For some reason, I had something like an ET storm for 2 days. My tremors were extreme and involved pretty well my whole body for the most part of the day. This went on for two full days, and then luckily the third day was back to normal but I slept sitting on the sofa most of the afternoon. As I hadn’t gotten up until about 11 am, that tells you where my energy level was.

After this experience I decided I needed help so I saw my family doctor yesterday and he is referring me to a new movement disorder clinic at the University of Alberta. I haven’t seen a neurologist since 2005 so I really need to be assessed in light of newer treatments. I have to admit those two days scared me, they were so extreme. I hope that happens again.

Anyway, now I am back to normal. I am admitting now that I need a bib for eating at home.

My movement from plate to mouth is not always perfect. That is not a big blow to my pride but I think I need to look at the heavy cutlery designed to make life easier for us. Yesterday in the IETF Tremorgram they talked about coping tips they have put together . You can go to their site at and print the sheets off for yourself. You can also send in any tips you have to share. Eating and drinking provide quite a few opportunities for minor disasters every day, so heading them off is good.

The one thing they don’t mention is the International Essential Tremor card to use when you are going through security. I mentioned it in one of my earlier blogs. It is free from IETF and I always carry it when we travel.

I told my husband to buy me a bib as well as the heavy cutlery. My son wanted to know if I was going to get one with the tray at the bottom like his little brother had. If we had a dog I could avoid that but our request for a bichon puppy has to wait for the next litter. In the meantime I have to keep my food off the floor myself.

On the bright side, we have booked a 25 day cruise for 2022 so I hope covid is under control by next then. For some reason my tremors are better on cruises. I am relaxed, we get a table for two in the dining room and I drink wine and interesting cocktails so it seems to be a good combination. People do comment on my tremors but usually in a kind, inquisitive way. I am comfortable with that. This will be my first cruise with my Steadiwear gloves. They will make life easier.

It hasn’t been a good two weeks. I went for a manicure and pedicure. The pedicure was ok but the manicure was a struggle for the poor girl. If anyone has figured out a way to have a manicure while shaking, please let me know.

Well, next week will be better – that is my motto. That’s what’s shaking in my life!


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