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Essential Tremor Experience

By Steadiwear Inc.

May 24, 2021

It is hard to have a sense of humor about our tremors yet, sometimes I wonder whether Ian Fleming had ET and that is why James Bond preferred his martinis shook not stirred.

My tremors have been more severe than usual in the past couple of weeks. I have been thinking a lot about a way to adjust to my ET.

Soup is probably my least favorite dish. At home, I always have soup in a cup but I avoid ordering it in a restaurant because of my shakes. I have decided that if I want soup in a restaurant, I will ask for it in a cup. I already ask the kitchen to peel the tails off my prawns and they don’t even flinch. I also have them substitute penne for spaghetti and, again, no issue. Penne is easy to eat with a fork.
I don’t even try eating spaghetti, I ask for penne instead. It is a tube that helps you to get a fork into it. I like foods I can stab. I try to stab gracefully, of course!

We are on lockdown right now so, we cannot eat at restaurants besides that it’s too cold to eat outdoors. I must admit you don’t have to worry about your beer getting warm when the temperature is 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit). At least the days are getting warmer and the sun usually shines. As my mother always said: this too shall pass. She lived through the 1918 flu epidemic and two world wars so I believe she saw a lot of things pass.

We have had our Covid vaccines so we are looking ahead to traveling again someday.
I don’t know whether many of you are aware of it but the International Essential Tremor Foundation has put out a medical card you can carry. It identifies and explains that you have the medical condition essential tremor. It is for you to show security staff at airports. Security staff can be suspicious when someone appears nervous and shaky. Little do they know just how much we shake! IETF provides it  for free through their website at ️️️️️️️️https://essentialtremor.org/

I have been doing jigsaw puzzles with my Steadi-One glove on and it works well. My only problem is my wrist eventually tires out from the weight. I am sorry I didn’t have the plate and pins removed from my wrist after the break healed. I think that aggravates the pressure. I am looking forward to the new version. I just discovered that I can make a fairly good signature with the glove on – surprise! I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before. I had thought about trying one of the weighted pens to see if I could write with one of them but have never tried one.

I am having trouble with my iPad as I keep double-clicking when I only want a single click. I finally tried using a stylus and it improved my games. I suggest trying it if you are struggling. My hobbies are genealogy and games on my iPad. With genealogy, I am usually reviewing lists and old digitized documents. The stylus has helped a lot. Before using it, I was selecting the wrong line so often that I was about to quit my work. Now I can continue with the hobby I have had since I was a teenager. It is addictive.

I hope sharing my battles with ET will help someone. I wish I had known some of these things 40 years ago. My tremors now happen in my whole body at times and I am still learning. I can’t wait for Steadi-two. It looks lighter than Steadi-One so it would be great for my wrist.

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