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Essential tremor is a progressive nervous system disorder that causes uncontrollable shakes to the head, neck, trunk, arms, legs, and other body parts.

There are various medications, treatments, and assistive technologies that can help to minimize your symptoms associated with Essential tremor.

On this website, we strive to provide you with resources and education to help you regain your confidence and control to live your life more meaningfully. Consider us your one-stop shop for all-things Essential tremor!

Symptoms of Essential Tremor

Kinetic Tremor

Essential tremor is a kinetic tremor, meaning it's more noticeable during movement than at rest.

Lateral Dominance

Essential tremor can be bilateral or unilateral – it can affect either one or both sides of the body.

Shaking Hands

Essential tremor is most often noticed in the hands and is more rare in the legs or feet.

Titubation: Head/Neck

Tremors may be present in the voice (trembling voice), neck, or in the head (constant nodding).

Assistive Devices For Essential Tremors

Living with ET can be challenging. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools and assistive devices available that can help to reduce the symptoms associated with Essential Tremor.

We have created a blog series on assistive devices here, organized by category, price, and availability based on geographic location.

Steadi-Two Glove

The Steadi-Two is a glove designed to reduce tremors for people with Parkinson’s disease and Essential Tremor. This assistive device uses two magnets to control a disk that moves in equal and opposite direction in response to a tremor. It's lightweight, battery-free, and non-intrusive. Additionally, the glove can be worn interchangeably on either hand, and it comes in two sizes (small and large). The glove is machine washable when detached from the stabilizing component. 

In lab tests, the Steadi-Two provided users with up to 80% tremor relief! It was designed to provide tremor relief without causing any of the side effects associated with medications or surgeries. As such, the Steadi-Two is a risk-free tremor stabilization device.

Pre-orders are currently available and expected to ship for free in the USA and Canada by May 2022. To learn more ...

Liftware Spoon

Liftware is a self-stabilizing electronic spoon, and other utensils, that works most effectively for people who struggle with shaking-hands. This product works with a processor technology that senses the shaking and moves the tool accessory in the opposite direction. It assists in eating normally with complete comfort and confidence instead of feeling embarrassed or stressed during meals.

There are several additional attachments available including a spork and a regular fork. The first few days of training may feel different or even slightly uncomfortable, but after getting used to it, you will feel satisfied at its ease of use. To learn more simply ...

Digit Grip

Technology has played such a great role in providing solutions to make the life of people living with essential tremor much easier.

The Digit Grip is a small device that can be attached to any mobile or tablet device to make it more stable when holding.

It’s a simple product, yet full of features that can make conducting businesses or simply surfing the web with a phone or tablet device very comfortable and smooth.

There are several textures and colors available such as neon pink, lifeguard red, cobalt and numerous other colors. Discover all of the options by ...

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